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Brite Strike Tactical Blue Dot HLS 290 Lumen Flashlight

SKU: BD-180-HLS-1C
Manufacturer: Brite Strike GSA Advantage
Retail Price: $175.00
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Manufacturer's Description

The Tactical Blue-Dot™ Series was designed to be an essential article of police gear, with features that every patrol officer, military or security personnel would need to give them an advantage in an assault situation. No other line of LED flashlights offers the intensity or quality of light from a tactical flashlight this size. This line of police gear is virtually indestructible, with a mil-spec, black anodized aluminum casing that is waterproof, shock-proof, and designed with a unique, ergonomic grip. Both the front and rear of the barrel have strike-crowns that are designed for maximum impact for pressure point, defensive, and weapon retention techniques, allowing a Brite-Strike tactical illumination flashlight to be used as a fast draw impact weapon.

The pocket clip is specifically designed for line officers and is reversed from other tactical lights. The clip features a greater clearance for lighting fast draws from either a BDU pocket, duty belt, or six pocket police pant. It also allows for quick mounting on a uniform epaulet, and quick removal when needed.  The beam is a brilliant white light with a wider “spread” for a flood effect, which illuminates the entire area of a vehicle on a motor vehicle stop

All of our lights can be turned on and all modes accessed using a single finger or thumb on one hand, thus meeting our definition of a true “Tactical Flashlight”. We simply never understood how a switch that requires a two-handed twisting and turning action to turn on or off or to access any functions made sense. Accidental turn-ons are prevented by slightly recessing the switch within the rear crenelated crown. Our patented design not only protects the switch from damage but is very effective when applying pressure point techniques.

The patented hi-tech HLS (Hi/Lo/Strobe) “Tactical Touch®” switch design allows the operator to turn the light on with a full click on, then allows the user to rapidly and silently move to low then strobe, then back to high. The switch has six chips to perform these functions, and is protected from damage by being slightly recessed within the crenelated crown. As today’s LED’s are nearly indestructible, it is the chips in the light and end cap that are prone to damage causing a light to fail.

• Max Output: up to 290 lumens / Lo-170 Lumens
• Runtime: Hi-(1 Hour) Lo-(3.5 Hours) Strobe-(1.5 Hours)
• Battery: One 123A Lithium (included)
• Length: 3.5 inches
1 Year Warranty

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