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MG Industries (MGI) MARCK-15 "Muddy Girl Hydra .223 / 5.56mm w/ A2 Front Sight Base

SKU: MARCK15-5.56-MG-001
Manufacturer: MG Industries (MGI) New Items
Retail Price: $1,199.99
Our Price: $879.00
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Manufacturer's Description

MARCK15-5.56-MG-001 - MARCK-15 "Muddy Girl" Hydra .223 / 5.56mm w/ A2 Front Sight Base 

This version of the Hydra is for the gals that want to show a little class!  The "Muddy Girl" Hydra is setup as a 5.56 x 45.  It includes the MGI Modular Lower Receiver with an AR Magazine Well, an AR Magazine, the   With this base rifle, you can purchase and utilize the rest of an ever-growing system including our various magazine wells and caliber conversion kits.  To convert this system to another caliber, the most you will need to change is the barrel, bolt, and magazine well to the desired caliber.  For some calibers, simply changing the barrel and bolt on this weapon will allow you to fire multiple calibers.  This includes .22LR, .300 Blackout, .450 Thumper, 6.5 Grendel, and the .50 Beowulf.  This weapon system continues to grow and become the most versatile Black Rifle platform the industry has ever seen.

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