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Peerless Handcuff Company Model 750 Color Plated Chain Link Handcuffs

SKU: 4712-R, -N, -O, -Y, -P
Manufacturer: Peerless Handcuff Company GSA Advantage
Our Price: $40.00
ON SALE: $29.99
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Manufacturer's Description

The classic design now available in a color finishes. The color finish helps to prevent equipment loss by allowing individuals, agencies or departments to more easily identify and track property.

Color can be used to enable or reinforce a classification system such as threat level, medical condition, jurisdiction and more.

The color coating is applied using a process called Electrolytic Polyurethane Plating (EPP).

EPP fully coats restraints inside and out without interfering with the lock mechanism or jaw swing-through.

The Model 750 has been approved by the National Institute of Justice. It comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacture defects.

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