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SIRCHIE Evidence Collection Tubes

Manufacturer: SIRCHIE Duty Gear
Retail Price: $20.55
Our Price: $14.95
You Save: $5.60


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Manufacturer's Description

In today's society, exposure to AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis B and other blood-borne diseases is a deadly serious problem. Use SIRCHIE®'s clear plastic evidence collection tubes to protect evidence collection personnel. Available in two sizes for your convenience. The ECT1 tube utilizes an ethafoam stopper for immobilization of sharp objects such as syringes and are 8" in length, 1 5/16" in diameter with a 0.030" wall thickness. for protecting sharp ends.Use SIRCHIE®'s No. BIO400 biohazard strips to properly seal and mark tubes. Set of 12 Evidence Collection Tubes.

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