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Tat Jacket Tat Jacket

SKU: 1461 1468
Manufacturer: Tat Jacket Clothing
Our Price: $19.99
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Manufacturer's Description

Features and Benefits # Easy, temporary concealment of your visible tattoos # Perfect on occasions where visible tattoos are unacceptable # Cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable # Protects your tattooing from discoloration due to sunlight # Shields your arms from harmful UV sunlight

Two (2) sleeves per package - UPF 50 Sun Protection - Protects Ink From Fading

Sizing Info:

SMALL: 17" Length, Wrist 3" Diameter, Top Cuff 4.5" Diameter

MEDIUM: 17" Length, Wrist 3.5" Diameter, Top Cuff 5.5" Diameter

LARGE: 17" Length, Wrist 3.3" Diameter, Top Cuff 6.5" Diameter


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