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Brite Strike Tactical Blue Dot Remote Pressure Switch Straight Cord

Manufacturer: Brite Strike GSA Advantage

Manufacturer's Description

Tactical Blue Dot - Remote Pressure Switch Straight:
 BSTI Remote Pressure Switches are designed to integrate the finest hand held tactical light on to a tactical carbine or patrol shotgun. Weapon mounted lights are no longer only used by SWAT and Special Operations units. Any operator or officer who routinely carries a long gun as part of their equipment can now have a state of the art illumination tool on their long gun.
The outstanding qualities of the BSTI Tactical Blue Dotâ„¢ make it the ideal light source to mount on your patrol carbine or shotgun. The brilliant white light will reach out to the engagement distances commonly found with the law enforcement patrol rifle. As these weapons are two-handed tools, a weapon mounted light is a must to illuminate, identify and engage the threat.
The BSTI Remote Pressure Switch replaces the tail cap a Tactical Blue Dotâ„¢ Momentary/High model. This switch will not work with the High/Low/Strobe models. Brite-Strike recommends the use of a quality mount designed to fit a 0.83 inch diameter light body.
The RS-SSSW-04 is designed to work on patrol rifles, carbines and semi-automatic shotguns. The straight wire design allows the wire to be routed neatly along the weapon and secured to keep it from getting tangled up.

This switch will not work with the High/Lo/Strobe models

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