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Manufacturer: POLARION LIGHTS GSA Advantage

Manufacturer's Description


Polarion X1 35 Watt HID Searchlight
X1 is 35 Watt HID light that is smaller than PH/PF series. It is only 25cm long, but emitting an amazing 3,400 lumens of light with a 100 minute runtime.

The high-powered HID Light is not burdened with traditional oversized ballasts. Polarion has developed industry leading, streamlined ballast that gives this light its smaller overall footprint and lighter weight.

HID lamps are energy efficient and have no filaments, therefore you can expect 3,000+ hours plus from the lamp. It emits an incredible level of blinding white light ~ 3,400+ lumens.

Polarion PH40 eliminated the physical ON/OFF switch that has lots of break, so we replace it with Polarion technologies� water proof, magnetic switch. It is a semi-permanent rotary type switch which one distinct click in either direction will either turn the light ON or OFF.

The cartridge style-battery is easily replaceable and only 3~4 hours of charge can work 90 minutes.

Every time it is initially switched ON, the LED�s on the battery will stay illuminated for 5 sec�s to let you know how much power is left in the battery. 5 Green LED�s means 100%, 4 means 80% left in the searchlight.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery does not need to worry about memory or over-charging your battery as the charging system is intelligent and will regulate the charging cycle perfectly

By its unique design and technique, it is waterproof up to 30M


Lamp Type
Lamp Power
Max. Luminous Flux
Lamp Life
Color Temperature
Illumination Distance
Input Voltage
Operation Current
Weight (without battery)
Dimension (mm)

Xenon HID Lamp
3400 lm
Up to 3000 Hrs
4300 K
Up to 1.0~1.2km
D.C 10~18V
3.5 A


Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Run Time

Li-ion Battery
DC 14.4V 4,400mAh
Up to 90mins


Input Voltage
Charging Voltage
Charging Time

DC 19V / 1.5A
3Hrs +/- 30mins

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