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Saunders Recycled Aluminum Cruiser Mate II 8.5" x 11"

SKU: 21118, 21119
Manufacturer: Saunders Fire/EMS/Rescue
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Manufacturer's Description

The low profile clip holds paper securely, and allows it to be stored in a saddle bag, seat pocket or back pack. This strong, metal clip will keep your items where you want them, even on a windy day. The Saunders Cruiser-Mate has a top opening design to make it easier to get to the items you need, even with one hand. Inside, it has two storage compartments that offer plenty space for your forms, office supplies and accessories. The top compartment will hold up to &frac716 of paper and is free floating for ease access and allows you to separate used forms or other reports. The bottom tray is almost 1 deep so keep all your items together such as your tablet, smartphone, keys and more. This tray is removable for even more storage. Plus, it has a pen tray for little necessities.

The Cruiser-Mate has a unique patented clip that has a self-locking latch that keeps the compartments securely fastened, preventing items from falling out. Best of all, it is manufactured proudly in the USA, from durable recycled aluminum with at least 30% post-consumer waste so this product can take a beating and continue to give many years of organization.

The lightweight and tough Cruise-Mate is a needed product for law enforcement, public safety, military, health care workers, roofers, contractors, patrollers and anyone on the road. This product is a handy tool for organization in the vehicle when traveling with the family, or keep in the shop so important papers are kept neat and clean. TAA Compliant

30% Post Consumer Materials

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