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Bio Jet Hand Dryer

Manufacturer:  Cleaning Supplies
Retail Price: $1,199.00
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You Save: $230.00
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Manufacturer's Description

Bio Jet Hand Dryer uses a 4 level air filtering system to dry and sanitize hands. The system works so that all harmful bacteria are eliminated while at the same time, provides a warm comforting sensation to the hands.

Bio Jet Hand Dryer can save up to 99.02% of paper towel’s cost AND over 85.3% of a conventional heat-type hand dryer’s cost. It takes ONLY 7 - 10 seconds to remove water from the hands. With the Noise Absorption Module (included) it is possible to use the Bio Jet Hand Dryer in places like offices and hospitals.

The elegant design significantly enhances the quality of the environment in which it’s installed. The use of antibacterial materials, filters, and phytoncide prevents the propagation of bacteria and helps maintain hygenic conditions at all times. The Touch-Free type water removing process prevents user from the 2nd contamination by dioxin, dust or bacteria which could occur by using paper or fabric towels.

WATCH THE YouTube Videos:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9Q8gv8m3y4



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