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Test Pack Refills

SKU: 800-XXX
Manufacturer:  Evidence Collection
Our Price: $24.99
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Manufacturer's Description

800-6071 Test A Opium Alkaloids

800-6072 Test B Confirming Test-Opiim Alkaloids

800-6073 Test C Barbiturates 

800-6074 Test D LSD

800-6075 Test E Marijuana

800-6076 Test F Acid Neturalizer

800-6077 Test G Cocaine

800-6078 Test H Methadone

800-6079 Test J PCP

800-6080 Test K Opiates

800-6081 Test L Brown Heroin

800-6082 Test M Methaqualone

800-6083 Test N Pentazocine

800-6084 Test P Propoxyphene

800-6085 Test Q Ephedrine

800-6086 Test R Diazepan

800-6087 Test U Methamphetamine

10 per Box

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