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SIRCHIE Narcotics Analysis Reagent Kit

Manufacturer: SIRCHIE Drug Test Supplies
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Manufacturer's Description

The NARK�s a field test kit that offers screening of the most frequently abused drugs and narcotics. Reagents are packaged in disposable tubettes a unique, easy-to-handle system. Each individual reagent is sealed in a thin, glass ampoule ensuring freshness and eliminating cross contamination with other reagents. The glass ampoules are secured in each end of the plastic tubette. The kit contains enough reagents to conduct 80 individual tests on a variety of drugs.

The NAR100 includes presumptive tests for the follwing: Marijuana, GHB, Hashish, THC, Cocaine,

Crack/Freebase, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Narcotic Alkaloids, Opium Alkaloids, Hallucinogens,

Heroin, Morphine.

NAR100 is complete with:

1 - NAR10001 Mayer�s Reagent for Narcotics Alkaloids, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10002 Marquis Reagent for Opium Alkaloids, Amphetamines/Meth, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10003 Nitric Acid Reagent to differentiate between Heroin and Morphine, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10004 Cobalt Thiocyanate Reagent for Cocaine, Crack, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10005 Dille-Koppanyi Reagent for Barbiturates, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10006 Mandelin Reagent for Amphetamines, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10007 Ehrlich�s Reagent for LSD, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10008 Duquenois Reagent for Marijuana, Hashish and THC, Set of 10 Tests

1 - NAR10010 Poly Bags, Set of 10

1 - NAR10011 Acid Neutralizer

1 - NAR10012 Black, Plastic, Copolymer Carrying Case, 8.5" x 5.5" x 3.1875"

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