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Blackhawk HOLSTER - Omega VI Airborne Assault

SKU: # 40QD02BK 40QD32BK 40QD42BK 40QD22BK
Manufacturer: Blackhawk GSA Advantage
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Manufacturer's Description

The BlackHawk Omega VI Airborne Assault Holster possesses all the features of the Omega VI Assault Holster: It is a "drop-leg" holster for a quick draw from any position. It has an adjustable belt hanger made of heavy duty scuba belt webbing with two fully adjustable and removable leg straps. The straps reduce motion when running, jumping, swimming or crawling. The holster itself is made of heavy duty quilted ballistic NyTaneon´┐Ż which will retain the shape of the holster when the gun is drawn. This provides quick, confident re-holstering of your weapon. The thumb break is adjustable and has a safety retention strap for a perfect fit. Non-slip leg straps. Fully adjustable belt hanger for high or low strap - or no strap. Weapon sight track. Extra mag pouch. Thumb break security strap. In addition, the Airborne model has an extra weapon security strap to keep the weapon totally secure during air, water or extreme ops. * 40QD02BK Fits Sig 226, 228 & Glock 17, 19 * 40QD32BK Fits Glock 21 & USP 40, 45 * 40QD42BK Fits Beretta 92 & S&W 5906 * 40QD22BK Fits Colt .45

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