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TUFLOC Muzzle Down Mount

Manufacturer: TUFLOC Gun Cases & Safes
Our Price: $219.95

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Manufacturer's Description

Tufloc offers the widest range of Vehicle Gun Racks available-each rack providing secure storage and quick access. The high-strength steel racks are powder-coated with a black finish and are padded for gun protection and rattle-free performance.

Featuring the Tufloc Electrical-Mechanical Lockhead Safety and security are emphasized in the design of the Tufloc electric lock with independent key backup. The dual-release lock, which holds the gun in place, can be accessed with a key or by using the electric 8-second delay timer. The lockhead can be keyed with a tubular or handcuff key.
Tufloc racks are available for all gun types.


Mounting Position

Muzzle Down

Gun Type

Specify when ordering.


Key Style Information:
HK - Handcuff Key
TK - Tubular Key

Parts Included with this Gun Rack

Mounting Hardware, Vehicle Rack Components
Trigger Guard, Vehicle Rack Components
Butt Pocket, Vehicle Rack Components
Small Lock Head (Handcuff Key or Tublular Key), Vehicle Rack Components
Delay Timer (approx. 10 sec.), Vehicle Rack Components
Large Lock Head (Handcuff Key or Tublular Key), Vehicle Rack Components


 width= Muzzle Down Assembly Instructions - 8-7-06
(PDF, 152KB)

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