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Humane Restraint
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Humane Restraint

Humane Restraint

Providing Humane Restraints since 1876

Humane Restraint Company was founded in 1876 by Mathew Lynch.  Mr. Lynch, a harness manufacturer, was approached by a local mental health hospital to make a device more humane than the metal shackles they used to manage agitated / aggressive patients.  A leather restraint was produced, approved and implemented.  And this was the birth of leather restraints.  Many in the variety of professional fields have heard or used the words “Get the leathers’.

The original restraints were used primarily in state hospitals.  Today Humane Restraint Co., Inc. sells to healthcare and long-term facilities, correctional facilities, police, sheriff and EMS departments, Department of Defense and others public servants concerned for safer work, rehabilitation and therapeutic environments.

Police, Sheriff and EMS Services use a variety of their products ranging from their nylon control strap which is used to restraint movement of the legs during transport.  Humane Restraint’s transport belts used with handcuffs for greater control over a subject.

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Lap Belt
Our Price: $15.40
Click for more information on Humane Restraint Lap Belt - HRC-LBCAM, HRC-LBSR, HRC-LBHL

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