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Taser X2 Blackhawk Holster

SKU: 22501
Manufacturer: Taser Less Lethal
Our Price: $63.95
ON SALE: $63.95
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Available to Law Enforcement only.

Manufacturer's Description

Taser Products are for VIRGINIA LAW ENFORCEMENT Purchase ONLY!

Blackhawk is honored to offer the most secure, Taser X2 holster that is: simple, proven and reliable. The rugged Taser X2 holster has the same dependable and easy to use retention mechanism as used on the Taser X26 holster. The X2 holster completely covers the trigger guard ensuring the utmost safety. Furthermore, the safety mechanism is automatically re-engaged when the X2 is re-holstered and the security hood actuated. The process is intuitive to those familiar with the Taser X26 and eliminates any additional learning curve.

The Taser X2 holster has a higher heat temperature deflection than other materials used in most holsters today. This material has no memory loss in high heat temperature climates and is very stable through both temperature extremes. The finish is a textured, non-reflective, matte black, similar to the exterior of our custom holster line. Furthermore, the Taser X2 Holster has a solid riveted construction ensuring utmost toughness and eliminates the possibilities of screws and post loosening.

The Taser X2 holster is mounted on the Tek-Mount, allowing multiple carry positions including: Straight drop, Muzzle Forward and FBI Cant. Covering these demanded qualities makes the Taser X2 Holster more practical, economical and affordable to meet any of your Taser X2 holster needs.

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