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SKU: 26830
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Available to Law Enforcement only.

Manufacturer's Description


The TASER CAM� law enforcement video recorder offers increased accountability - not just for police officers, but for the people they arrest. Without video, it can be the officer`s word against the suspect`s word. Now with the TASER CAM recorder, every potential TASER X26 deployment can be documented with full audio and camera video. With our already proven AFID tracking system and dataport firing log download, TASER ECDs have pioneered the use of technology in accountability. Accountability works: agencies with TASER Officer Safety Programs reported decreases of up to 50% in citizen complaints. The TASER CAM police and law enforcement video system is an audio-video recording camera integrated into a rechargeable TASER X26 power supply that replaces the standard Digital Power Magazine (DPM) battery pack. The TASER CAM audio video recorder is activated any time the safety is in the off position `ARMED`. This allows officers to capture vital audio and video information prior to, during, and after the potential deployment of an X26 ECD. Audio and video data is downloaded via a USB cable. The TASER CAM camera and recorder is an optional upgrade compatible with all X26 ECDs and provides another layer of accountability to support law enforcement officers` reports.

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