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DI Optical
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DI Optical

DI  Optical

DI Optical has 25 Years of commitment to research and development of rifle sight solutions for small arms and machine guns. Started off as an astronomical telescope manufacturer in 1985, D.I. Optical set its foot in the rifle sight market by manufacturing and exporting telescopic sight solutions since 1990.

Leveraging its premier technology and trust relationship, D.I. Optical has supplied ODL products to leading distributors in the US, EU and ASIA.

New breed of dot sight solutions from the US in 1995, D.I. Optical has evolved into a defense venture company marketing proprietary rifle and machine gun sight models and world�s best technology solutions for both military and civilian clients, an achievement to which its numerous patents and certification hold testimony today. Notably, D.I. Optical�s dot sight model for machine gun is the one and only �machine gun-specific sight solution� in the world that has passed the FCT (Foreign Comparative Testing) program of the U.S department of defense local site tests.

NATO has awarded a machine gun sight supply agreement in recognition of satisfactory test performance after battle-testing machine gun sight models onboard ships and helicopters. DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) of Korea has also adopted the models as ACTD (Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration) products in 2009. D.I.Optical is already exploring dot sights to and negotiating supply arrangements with a number of overseas buyers thanks to its market reputation.

Unlike telescopic sights using reticles on the lenses, a dot sight uses a small dot illuminated by a LED and non-magnification lens to allow a shooter to aim such dot on target.  Wherever the dot may be located on the lens, it points to the same aiming point. Therefore, a shooter can aim a target simply by over-imposing the dot on it.  Conventional telescopic sights need to be zeroed in each time whenever it is used by a different shooter.  On the other hand, dot sight allows different shooters to use the existing zero point right away without changing in the battle scene.

In addition to its military product line, DI Optical has developed and distributed many civilian-use products to the US, EU and ASIA, leveraging its expertise that has matured for more than 25 years to date.

Going forward and beyond the domestic front, D.I. Optical is zeroing on in the global market and making a stride toward a better future as an exporter of quality products to military buyers in leading nations. Staying ahead with premier technologies! Small but strong, resisting the given reality and venturing into bigger markets with 100% homegrown technologies! D.I Optical prepares for another fresh start.