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Humane Restraint
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Humane Restraint

Humane Restraint

Providing Humane Restraints since 1876

Humane Restraint Company was founded in 1876 by Mathew Lynch.� Mr. Lynch, a harness manufacturer, was approached by a local mental health hospital to make a device more humane than the metal shackles they used to manage agitated / aggressive patients.� A leather restraint was produced, approved and implemented.� And this was the birth of leather restraints.� Many in the variety of professional fields have heard or used the words “Get the leathers’.

The original restraints were used primarily in state hospitals.� Today Humane Restraint Co., Inc. sells to healthcare and long-term facilities, correctional facilities, police, sheriff and EMS departments, Department of Defense and others public servants concerned for safer work, rehabilitation and therapeutic environments.

Police, Sheriff and EMS Services use a variety of their products ranging from their nylon control strap which is used to restraint movement of the legs during transport.� Humane Restraint's transport belts used with handcuffs for greater control over a subject.

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Lap Belt
Our Price: $16.50
Click for more information on Humane Restraint Lap Belt - HRC-LBCAM, HRC-LBSR, HRC-LBHL

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